Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Since basically everyone knows now and we've kind of gotten over it I'll tell you about my husband and that new job that he'd gotten. 

We were so excited Miles had gotten a new job, it was in town, in a few short months he'd be making more money, plus saving money on gas due to less travel, and the best bonus of all he loved the work, it was easy! (You know my last post on to good to be true? Yeah,...)

So my husband had been working there for 4 blissful days and on the 5th day he went into work, in their afternoon meeting (which was the beginning of his shift) he learned that all the temps were being let go.... He was a temp. 

It was devastating. To him, to me, to everyone, The workers there loved him and how hard of a worker he was. One of the women even broke down and cried while telling him how sorry she was that this happened.

Miles a bit dazed calls my mom in a panic. I was next to her and thought he'd gotten in a car accident or something, I never imagined it would be him saying he didn't have a job.

After my mom got off the phone she told me what had happened and being in a state of shock I took it quite well. I did cry when I was telling my mom about the note that I'd given to Miles the night before that I now knew was so fitting and had a purpose. In my note I'd said that no matter if we lost weight together or gained weight together or if we were rich or just getting by that I knew together we could make it through it all. Now the fat or skinny thing was just for laughs, but I was still being just as serious about that as I was with the money. 

A few short minutes after she told me and we weren't even done talking about it completely my husband walks in. He breaks down crying and says that he failed me and Seth. That wasn't the case at all. This company failed us. My husband wasn't a bad worker that got fired, this company just lied and let people believe they had intentions of hiring people, but they really didn't. 

My mom with all her wisdom told him to call his old job that he'd just quit and try to get back on there. So he called. She also told him to leave right then and go to Manpower and Spartan and put his name in their systems for a job and to also fill out an application at this place that we knew was hiring. So he did. 

Well, to make this story much shorter than it really is my husband is back at his old job, but working as a temp... he was full-time, with insurance, and a Lead Op and now he's a temp. He makes less money, no insurance, and he has less seniority than the people he trained. 

I know there's nothing I can do. I'm very mad at the way that company lied and I've found out that they do this often. If given the chance Miles would gladly go back to work there because he really did love the job. Maybe one day he'll be given that chance. But then again maybe God has a better place in mind. Either way we would love for you to keep us in your prayers. Pray that Miles will find a job that's in town, that pays well, that he'll like, that has good insurance, and that isn't going to lay him off or fire him. Also pray for us as a family financially.

We took one great step forward and got shoved two steps backward....

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