Friday, December 27, 2013

Cleaning Day

     Have you ever noticed that you have a specific day that you seem to want to clean more? I have. My day is Friday. The only bad thing about the day that my mind/body chose is that I'm completely busy on Fridays ( at least during the hours I'd want to clean ) 

    Now part of me thinks that it's that day because I'm already busy therefore I have an excuse for not cleaning, I had work. Or maybe that's just the day that I see fit for cleaning, I don't know. 

     Today, to be honest, I would have much rather stayed home and done some MUCH needed cleaning. But we need the money and my family needs someone in the "shop" ( office ) 

     You'd think out of all the other days and all the "spare" hours that I have that I would have a spotless house, my 1 year old doesn't really do spotless or sitting still so that I can clean lol. I have so much laundry that needs put up that I have a mountain of clothing in my room, all my clothing, luckily Miles puts up his own clothes and most of the time he'll put up Seth's too. 

     All this brings me to some good news! Miles is going to be going to 2nds in January! Hopefully with him home and helping to watch Seth I'll be able to get more done! Cross fingers, knock on wood, and whatever else I can do to make that happen lol. 

       I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you're having a great day today :)  


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