Monday, May 4, 2015

Less Than 32 Hours

One day these people who have spent their lives devoting hour after hour watching football, baseball, hockey, Etc. games and drafts on TV and playing the video games are going to wake up and realize that all the important things are gone, that they missed out on all the important moments, but by the time they figure it out it will be to late. Parents are missing out on their kids growing up. People are missing out on the life that's going on around them. 

Now you may say, "This can happen with anything you watch on TV!" Well sure that's true you can... I think of it this way: Sports are taking over Monday's, Thursday's and Sunday's. Each game is on average... 3 hours and 12 minutes (Football), 3 hours 8 minutes (Baseball), 2 hours and 20 minutes (Hockey), etc... So we'll say 3 hours. That's 9 hours a week. But they play multiple games in a day so lets say you watch more.. Football says a maximum of 15 games on a Sunday so we'll go with that one.. 15 games on a Sunday * 3 hours per game = 45 hours. That's not even including the games on Monday's and Thursdays. You can't watch each one as it's on since they sometimes play at the same time plus you couldn't watch all of them in one day anyways, but if you DVR them then there goes 45 hours of your week. That's a full-time job! Now I know most people don't watch all the games, but lets just say they do. So you spend 40+ hours at work & 40 hours in front of the TV. 168 hours in a week - 80 hours of work + Sports = 88 hours left. 88 hours - 56 hours of sleep (if you sleep 8 hours each night = 32 hours of "free" time. Now I could get really technical and add up on average how much time we spend bathing, using the restroom, eating, etc., but I'm pretty sure you're getting the picture. If you still don't get it, that's less than 32 hours to spend with your kids, parents, siblings, friends, ... That's around 4 hours each day. It's not enough, just ask your kids.... Be careful what you spend your time on. 

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