Thursday, December 10, 2015

An Intentionally Rude Customer..

Yesterday I was helping at the drive-thru window at work and a lady came through to get Lottery tickets. Well I'm new to the whole thing so it took me a while to get it all together. I finally get her through and the next vehicle pulls up...
The lady in the vehicle says, "What did you have to print those tickets?" (Obviously in a crappy tone) so I look at her and said something like "Sorry I'm new" and suddenly she's all "Oh, it's ok, baby" I'm just sitting there thinking seriously you couldn't just be patient?
People even if it does take a while, new person or not, you don't have to show how upset you are; be an adult and smile; vent to a friend or family member about it later! Lol.
Now obviously if this was happening a lot, especially with the same person, you'd need to notify a manager or contact the company. BUT you also have to take into account how busy of a store it is. In our station it's pretty much either you have no one there or you have the whole town, not much in between. People have us running to get them drinks, ice, lottery tickets, cigarettes.. you name it. When the employees leave my station they're sore and tired from running nonstop. If we aren't helping a customer we're putting away a truck, cooking, cleaning the floors, taking out trash, cleaning counters, cleaning the bathroom, stocking the cups, etc. Not to say there aren't employees who just stand there and talk, every company has some of those, not my problem (But it is an annoyance) Anyways stop being rude, people.

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