Friday, December 11, 2015

"Can You Stay Over?"

Hmm.. can I stay over? Sure I CAN. Lol.
So my sister tells me one of the employees called in and she's trying to call someone to see if they can come in for him. After trying to get a hold of someone and having no luck yet she says "I hate to ask, BUT could you stay over until 7 or 8?" I say something like I should be able to and I looked at the clock to see that my husband should be on break so I told her I'd call and make sure. He says it's up to me and to let him know what time. So my sister says lets go ahead and go with 7:45. I text my husband and let him know.
So today I had my first day of staying over. It was fun working with the girls I was with, but OMW I'm SOOO sore. Way more sore than yesterday. My feet feel like.. idk.. a car ran over them.. yeah, I think that'd feel about correct.
I'm off this weekend and I'm hoping that my body will stop hurting so much. Unfortunately my church is having all the parents bring their kids in for Christmas practice tomorrow. I was really hoping to just BE... such is life.

My brain is in shutdown mode..

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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