Monday, December 28, 2015

Over Prep

In a lot of things it can be good to over prepare; make checklists, lay out your outfit, make sure you have the ingredients for the meal you're going to cook tomorrow/later tonight, have diapers and wipes for the soon to come baby (and clothes LOL), etc. 
However when you work for a company in the kitchen and food only has a 7 day shelf life in the fridge it's better to prepare less than you'll need than it is to prepare more. I've had to waste food because to much was prepped. Sure I'm grateful that my coworker filled up some of it no doubt! I just wish she'd done WAY less. 
Been a busy day and I had way more cleanup to do because of this.. I'm not even finished with it all yet. Tomorrow I should have it all weighed, bagged, and wrote down as expired.. oh and the dishes clean. 
Oh well, hopefully we've all learned our lesson. Lol.   

Have a great night! 

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