Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm Getting There...

I think I'm getting the hang of this Gas Station work. I come in, make lunch, clean up the mess I've made from making lunch, help "up front" (cashier, cleaning, filling ice, etc) for a couple hours, I go back to the kitchen to make dinner, clean up that mess, help with the front again for another couple hours, take the food I made for lunch off around it's "shelf life" time, and then leave when it's time. It's a pretty much run non-stop day.

Register isn't hard, but it's different than the one I'd run at a previous job so I keep hitting the wrong buttons (On 2 or 3 parts, always the same ones). I'll get there. Some days I'm ringing things up without thinking about it and others I'm having to stand there with the "Which button was that again..." look and thought LOL

Lottery is still throwing me for a loop if they get ones that I have to print off through the computer. The scratch offs are really simple to deal with.

Cigarettes... I'm getting the hang of where they are and which ones are what, of the popular ones anyways. I try to always show them the box and make sure I've got the right ones that way if it's wrong I can fix it. If they say it's right and it isn't it's their own fault LOL

The drive thru is crazy! People come all at once, traffic is going by, you can't hear what the customer is asking for some times... Most of the customers have been very kind (Thank God!), but I've had some real jerks come through. It's not my fault we're next to a busy road and you won't talk louder or clearer. And heaven forbid I don't know everything in the station front to back. Lol. Oh well, people are people.

One of the girls from work suggested we do Secret Santa so those who wanted to participate signed up and she talked me into it. So now I need to figure out what to get for my person. I asked our boss what this person liked and I got a one word answer.. a pretty good one word answer, but you can find a lot of things to fit this. Our cap is $10 and I have to have it brought in by 2pm on the 21st.. Looks like I need to go to the store... I'll tell you more about that later.

Hope you're all having a great week!

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