Tuesday, December 22, 2015

People Underestimate Us

I think a lot of people underestimate people who work at gas stations. I can't speak for all stations of course, but the company I work for you work 8 hours, get one 5 minute break (unless you smoke, as if that's fair. I was once even "informed" by a coworker that my break isn't as important because I don't smoke...), there's no break room, no seats to sit down besides the one chair in the manager's office (yes, I stand ALL day), no lunch break, we have a drive thru window so we are going back and forth to get people literally anything that we sell, we aren't allowed to hire someone or give more hours to current employees to have the staffing that we really need for our later shift, we deal with some really rude people (some really great ones too), we work Holidays, our scheduled hours keep us from seeing much of our children, no insurance/benefits, our break room is standing outside by the shed (unless you have a car and feel like sitting in it. I don't have this option.)... even factories have chairs, break rooms,  benefits and a lunch break.

I love my job, but I'm sore from head to toe, I'm tired and when the day is done at work I have no energy or care left to do anything but sit and use my heated foot massager. If my heated back massager wasn't missing the cord to plug it in I'd be using that too. All I want to do after work is eat OUT, come home, play video games and/or watch tv. That's it...

Appreciate us!

Now... my head is hurting so I'm going to rest now. Have a great night and a Merry Christmas, everyone! If you're lucky enough to have Christmas day (or Christmas + days off) just know I'm sticking my tongue out at you. Lol.

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