Monday, August 16, 2010

Do Pets Have Feelings?

I would first like to state that the idea of this topic and a few others were given to me by my friend, Spencer. Now on to the subject.

Yes, I have 3 pets and I can tell you by experience that they do in fact have feelings.
Have you ever heard/seen a pet cry? They cry when they are sad It could be that they feel left out, they want attention, they've been abandoned by their owner, they're mistreated,....
If they are well taken care of they will show love
But if you treat them wrong they'll hate their owner :( That just shouldn't be by the way.. treat your animals right!
Another example would be if you've ever had a party or just a few friends over and at some point you look around and notice hey "pets name" hasn't been around in a while, so you go to look for them and they're hiding under the bed.. guess what they're probably scared of all the noise and the people.
One of my absolute favorites, which is kinda mean and I understand that, but I'm trying to show my love. Have you ever held your pet when they just absolutely didn't want to be held? They got mad at you didn't they? They'll also get mad if you leave them alone for to long.
I hope pet owners already knew this, but if not I hope it was an eye opener. And keep in mind these are only a few examples. I'm sure all of you pet owners have a lot more examples. Feel free to comment :D

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pinstriped_cats said...

i agree with this. pets DO have feelings and they are very smart :)
All 6 of my kitties are spoiled rotten beyond belief and they each have their own personalities and they demand respect :) LOL