Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Office

I <3 The Office! At first, I was very weirded out by it, how they're staring at the camera and they go to the conference room and talk to the camera, answer questions, or just say how they feel about thing. It's slightly awkward for a show. It's definitely different than any other show I've ever seen. After you see the humor in it you become addicted to The Office though. It's rareness makes it very interesting. It's characters are very different from each other.
Michael who is the Boss and is always trying to make a joke he is definitely unlike any other boss ever he always tries hard to make people like him and to make people get along.
Jim is a Sales Rep., he loves to play pranks, and he has the same thing to eat for lunch every day.
Pam is the Receptionist she loves to play pranks, she wears sweaters and non-revealing clothing and is very interesting when drunk.
Dwight is the best Salesman of the company, he's very serious worker who people are always playing pranks on, but he has a not so secret relationship going on with someone in the office.
Angela well what can you say about Angela, she's Head of Accounting, she is definitely a perfectionist and is set in more of old time ways, she's not the most friendly person and she loves cats, she's also the leader of the Party Planning Committee.
Kevin is in Accounting and has the cuddly bear thing going on, he says nice a lot, and he loves bowling, and golfing.
Oscar is in Accounting and is the only gay guy in the office, he is very smart, and he hates Angela's baby posters.
Stanley is a Sales Rep. and is the only black person in the office and he is a very serious person, he loves Pretzel Day and Crossword Puzzles.
Phyllis is a Sales Rep. and is married to Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration, she wears purfume that everyone hates, and she is part of the Party Planning Committee.
Andy is a Sales Rep. and has anger issues, he loves to sing, he plays the bango, and he went to Cornell.
Creed is over Quality Assurance and has 4 toes on one foot, was in a band in the 70's, and has the attention span of 90 seconds.
Ryan is a Temp and has been in and out of the company and he doesn't really like anybody in the office.
Kelly is in Customer Service and loves to talk, do online shopping, and fashion.
Toby is an HR Rep. and is known as the downer of all the fun that goes on, but he sits back in his office and plays games with Kelly.
Darryl is the Warehouse Supervisor, he's got some great ideas for the office, and he's a funny guy.
Meredith is the Supplier Relations Representative and the alcoholic, she will also sleep with anyone and makes deals to sleep with them.
And there are more people from in the warehouse and people that have come and gone in the office. As you can see they all are very different, but all together they make a very interesting work family that is fun and loving. And if you give them a try I know you'll learn to love them. You will laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry, hurt when they hurt,.. well you get it. GO OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!

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