Saturday, September 18, 2010

not sure what to call this, just read it.

There are many things I'll never be able to say, do, show,... or even feel. Some people I will never be able to say sorry too. My Uncle Rick died on my birthday. The Sunday before it I felt this great need to just hug him and tell him I loved him, but I left church that day and never got the chance to tell and show how I felt and I will always regret that. So many time I could have been there for my friends or family and I chose to be somewhere else. So many wrongs that I can never make right. So for the times that I abandoned any of you or ignored you or whatever I may have done I am truly sorry.
But currently I'm regretting most of the incredible opportunities I've had that I let slip past me. The opportunities to live life to it's fullest. Yes, I am Apostolic Pentecostal, but that doesn't mean that life has to be boring! You just have to know your limits.
Live, Laugh, Love! It's SO true. LIVE life to it's fullest, LAUGH at any opportunity given, LOVE with all your heart. Sure if you love with all your heart you'll get hurt, but if you don't love with everything in you you'll regret it later. Is it easy, no, but don't look back when you're older and regret life. You can only live life once!
Make sure you have the things you needm but din't forget to (every once in a while) get things you want.
Don't just walk through life, but look around see life's beauty, enjoy every scent (that's worth enjoying), feel the breeze and let it take you somewhere far away to more happiness (even if you're already happy, you can be happier) Don't take for granted all the wonderful things around you, let them become a God-given drug.
Which brings me to a very big point. Don't leave God out! He alone makes life worth living. Think about it, what makes you happy? What are the thing that you would say make life worth living? Your spouse (fiance or boy/girlfriend), family, friends, pets, food,... even the weather? God made that! He created it, He knew we would need comfort in a physical form from others. Yes, we are created to worship Him and lead people to Him, but I also believe we were created for each other to give comfort, love, happiness, courage,... and to all together worship the creator of all things. Don't forget Him, He's important!

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