Thursday, September 23, 2010


My thoughts, that's what this is all about right? Let's be honest I didn't exactly create this for people to read it though it would be nice if people did. So my thoughts currently are overlapping each other and rudely butting into other thoughts, which is keeping me from sleeping. So to try to get them off my chest I'll type them here in my trusty blog. (Blog is such a weird word) <-- Note I may be objecting weird things in like this a lot. And the rant begins:
Why do people say they want one thing, then freak out when they get what they want? You're just getting what you asked for!
And how come when you offend a friend they can't just calmly say "you said _______ and that offended me" where I would then reply with a "I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you" (unless I did mean to then I'd just blow it off, sorry just being honest)
And why when you've possibly said something that could be offensive do people suddenly not text you back even after you've said "Did I say something wrong" and "I'm sorry if I said something wrong".. Could you at least give us the peace of mind of knowing that you are or aren't mad!
Why do people always second guess everything? You want something for so long then when you get it you wonder if something else would have been better. Guess what God's in control and if the other way is better God will make a way for you to get back to that place!
Why is I'm sorry so hard to say? Well, I know the answer to that technically, it's a humbling of ones self to another, which we don't like to do, but trust me you'll feel better after you say it!
Why couldn't I have blue eyes? It's my favorite color of eyes and I couldn't stinking have it? Why?! Yes, I know that no ones can really answer that besides God, but it still bugs me!
I feel pretty one day, fat another, ugly, skinny, happy, sad, hyper, no energy, .... what's up with that. I mean I realize people say I'm a pretty woman, but there's so many things that I see that keep me from thinking that. I don't know, maybe God had to give me zits and a big nose and other things because I would some stuck up person without them... but I still want the problems to go away. Yes, yes, beautiful in the Creators eyes, made you just the way He wants you to be.
Why on earth do people not want to hire me, I'm a good worker. Yes, like everyone else I would rather not work. I'll admit it, I'm lazy, I don't deny it. What would be the point in that?! But serious I fill out an app at a company I've worked for before and they know that I worked well, got along with others, did as I was asked, asked questions if I didn't understand,... yada, yada! So what's the problem? I had a break down and couldn't handle the work from in a different store with different people, more people, more customers, in a new town,working bad hours, just got married,... what.. do you you people think I'm Super Woman?! No, I am not and guess what I'm pretty unhappy with myself so I don't need you to look badly at me too! I'm a good worker and I loved my job, now I just want it back...
Why do people tend to enjoy the middle of the bed more than any other spot on the bed? or they like to sleep angled on the bed? Someone needs to create an angled bed.. not sure how that would work, but hop to!
Healthy foods are way to expensive. I know it takes a lot to create healthy food, but everyone says they want us to be more healthy! LOWER THE COST BUDDY I'M NOT TRUMP!
It's so easy to gain weight, but WAY to hard to lose it! Need an intervention!
Why is it so hard to find friends? Why do people want to be friends with the people that you have to be up there butt for them to pay attention to you, but someone like me who just wants a real friend gets dumped for people who think they're better than everyone else. NEWS FALASH!! (yes, I purposely spelled it that way) you're no better than me! And I'm no better than you! Get over yourselves!
Which brings me to another problem. How come people think they're better than other people? I've seen people that are average looking people, that think they're so much better than someone way more beautiful than their whole clan put together. And people who have an average voice that you could find in any church thinking that they're better than people from IBC! So they just sit down on God because it's not them and theirs singing! WHO CARES it's NOT ABOUT YOU! It's about GOD! Shoot that high horse you rode in on and join those of us who see things for what they are.
While I'm on my rant. For anyone who thinks I'm stuck up I'm not! I'm just tired of people who have done me wrong! (not saying that I'm perfect because I'M NOT!) And yes, I'm shy, that makes having friends hard. I'm not creative about things to do and places to go or gifts to give, but you know what I'm not stuck up, I don't lie to you, I'll be there when you need someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on, and you don't have to be up my rear to be my friend. If you don't talk to me for a week, month, year,... whatever that's fine, but don't talk behind my back, think you're better than me, ditch me, dump me, and then when all you're other friends leave you come crawling back nuh uh no way, not happening. I've spent to many days and nights crying! To many miserable months! I don't want to go back to that place. So don't try it!
Stupid decisions, choices I should have waited to make, chances I'll never get back,... yeah, it's all in the past, but it'll haunt you for the rest of your life!
I've ranted, and yes, I feel much, much better! But I'm still not feeling tired enough to sleep. Guess I'll just lay down and see what happens

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