Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

Have you been through the stages of wisdom teeth yet? If you haven't trust me you don't want to! It's painful. I currently have an infected wisdom tooth with swollen gums (which is normal with wisdom teeth, no matter how much/how well you brush)You'll go through a lot of discomfort. So far I have not got the tooth pulled, but I will update when I do. Can't wait to update!
Update #1: My appointment is scheduled to get 2 teeth pulled (one wisdom, one not) on Monday at 2:30pm! Wish me luck!

UPDATE!: So I got only one tooth taken out (they think they can save the other) So the wisdom tooth is out. And it didn't hurt when they took it out (the tooth looks cool lol) and I'm still not hurting (and no I haven't taken any pain medicine) It's a little awkward and you don't want to open your mouth very wide, but other than that no pain. And I'm getting the stitches taken out on the 7th :D The bleeding and the gauze that you have to put in you mouth is annoying and made me gag a lot, but since that's been over I've been great! So yes, you'll be nervous. Yes, you'll feel a little bit of movement that they call a pinch (didn't hurt though) Yes, you'll be numb for a while, which feels weird. Yes, you can't open your mouth very wide. Yes, you HAVE to relax for the first couple of days. Yes, you have to watch what you eat. But no, it's not unbearable. No, you don't have to starve (just sip soup or applesauce.. something soft) And most importantly yes, you'll be fine. They don't expect you to be brave my own dentist told me that lol It will take a while for it to look normal and you'll have to rinse with this salt mixture (I like it, but that's because I love salt lol) It's 1/2 tsp salt with a warm cup of water, this mixture helps it to heal, but it doesn't burn it. So happy teeth pulling!

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