Thursday, September 9, 2010


Did you know you can worry yourself to death? Yeah, it's true. And just think about how many people you worry about! It's not just you. It's your spouse, kids, parents, grandparents, guardians, siblings, friends, neighbors,... the list goes on and on. Then there's all the different kinds of worry! sickness, money trouble, bills, salvation, cleaning, working,... it really never ends. And guess what! There're all kinds of people out there putting more and more worry on you! Bigger taxes, higher costs, less insurance, more bills,.... Then you have all the people you don't even know that you worry about and that you hope the things that have happened to them never happen to you! Rape, murder, theft, cancer, diseases, marriage issues.... It's insane! People say they're trying to help and all they do is make it worse. I know you care and I know you worry, but in all honesty let me worry about me and you worry about you. People always try to butt in on people with marriage problems, you're NOT helping! Or they butt in on money problems, once again NOT helping. Every single person is different, we all deal with things our own way, don't try to make someone like you it won't work that person will be miserable because you are the only you and no one else can be exactly like you. They even say that with the family genes that if the parent felt strongly about something and it was passed down to the kid, the kid won't care as much as the parent. It's the same with skin (tanning)and even unfortunately religion. I'm not saying that the kid can't care as much, but normally they don't, they have to find what makes them care more for it on their own. Being pushy won't help, so stop worrying yourselves to death over someone else. Sure if the person lives in your house worry about them, but not to much, once they're out it's not your responsibility anymore, unless you're asked for help. Humans are humans, we will fall, but eventually we'll get back up. And we'll make mistakes, tons of them, but we'll keep going, while continually making more mistakes. Just think of God, he NEVER forces Himself on His people, but waits patiently. Just wait patiently, please.

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