Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh no, it's coming...

Winter is coming soon and that's not a good thing! I hate winter, it's a very depressing time of the year. It's cold, everything is white, and gloomy. What's going to make this really hard is the fact that when I'm cold I won't leave my blankets to do anything because well, my body reacts weird to cold, it's almost as if I'm allergic to the cold :( I get these weird bumps (not goosebumps, I'm not that dumb lol) They look like bug bites and they itch like bug bites, it's really weird.
Hopefully I'll be able to paint during the winter to bring some color to the walls of the house then it won't seem so bad. I like big, bold colors so that should take away from all the gloominess. My living room is painted, well, not completely it has one coat of paint, I've been to busy/lazy to finish it. What I really want to do is paint our dining room, it's this beautiful red and I can't wait to see how it looks on the walls. we spend most of our time downstairs so if I can paint the whole downstairs and our bedroom and upstairs bathroom I should be good. Go BOLD or go home!
Happy Winter to those who love it, those who like it, and those who hate it.

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