Monday, October 25, 2010

Who You Are Determines Who You Will Be

I find myself amazed after looking back over my life and thinking of all the decisions I’ve made, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve went, my friends, my family, even my ex-boyfriends… all these things and so many more have determined where I am today. Really once a “chapter” of your life is gone and you look back over it, it can be awesome or it could be really bad. I mean I’ve made some really horrible decisions and I’ve dated or liked some really stupid guys, but had I changed just one thing I could have been somewhere else. So even with my bad decisions and stupid ex’s I find that I’m in a town that I love, I own a wonderful home, I’m still in church, and I have a wonderful husband to share all of it with.  Sure there are better houses and probably better towns, but there are far worse places that I could be in. I could be a druggy, an alcoholic, a prostitute,…  or any other horrible thing that you could think of including death, but I’m not, I’m here and I love it! Are there hardships, yes. But who doesn’t have hardships in life? I mean really you may look at someone and think that their life is perfect, but if you pay attention long enough you’ll realize it’s not. Point is make the right decision, so you can be the right kind of person. Because believe it or not who you are today will determine who and where you’ll be in the future.

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