Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Out of Ideas

    So I find myself in a tough position. I have this strong need/want to write, but I don’t have any ideas that I’m passionate enough about to write.  Plus with being sick I’ve found it VERY hard to focus on one thing for much time at all.

    I guess the reason I find myself wanting to write is because my husband bought me the Sims 3 for Xbox 360, which I love by the way, but my Sims love art and so do I. I find them wanting to write books and such, which I also have wanted to do most of my life, but I’m just not that good of a writer. Even if I was a good writer look at all the books out! How would they ever notice me?

    There are SO many books out now of the same subjects that I myself would like to write about, even though my opinion may be very different than all the other I could see people not buying a book about a subject they’ve already read about a thousand times especially from a writer they’ve never heard of.

     Maybe if I took classes I would be able to write a book in my spare time, but I’m sure classes would be expensive, long, and hard for me. I’ve never liked school and even if it’s something I want to do I find that I tell myself no matter how bad I want it that I’ll never accomplish the schooling due to it being difficult in other words I’m telling myself I’d fail so why try.  Yeah, I don’t have much faith in myself, but that’s because I let me and others down so much that I can’t see myself actually accomplishing anything big. There are many things that I would LOVE to do, but due to my lack of faith in myself, I’ve never tried any of them. Such as I love drawing, interior design, photography, writing (as stated before), fashion,…. See I have a lot and I think I could be good at all of them if I wasn’t required to go to schooling to “follow the dream”

     So now I ask does anyone have any ideas, encouragement, input, skills in writing that may want to help me, tips on writing that would help,…? I’d love to hear the reader’s inputs. Yes, I know there are only a few people that read, but I don’t care about numbers I just want your opinions.

Thank you!

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