Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Few Reasons You Shouldn't Support Pro-Sports

I cannot, I will not, and you should not support Pro-Sports. I'm all for people getting out and playing sports. It's exercise and for those that like sports it's fun. However pro-sports (or any who get paid to play sports) should NOT be supported. I'm sure I could write a whole book on why, but for now here's my "best reasons"

   1. Sports are a hobby/exercise NOT a job. I had to do sports for gym in school. Did I get paid for it? No. Why? It's not a job.

   2. They make WAY to much money. We live in a world full of debt and once again sports aren't a job yet they're getting paid for it and not only are they getting paid they make more than people with real jobs!

   3. You want to know where all that money should be going? Those who work in the military! They sacrifice their lives, their relationships, their sanity to protect us. Yet most of them once they leave the military can't find a civilian job, can't pay their bills, end up homeless, suffer from PTSD, some are dealing with how to live with loss of limb(s), a lot of them suffer from divorces from being away for so long, ... and there's a lot more to the list.

The highest paid athlete is Floyd Mayweather (boxer) at $300 million. (according to my Google search) $300 million to get beat up for no good reason. I'm sorry, but if you like fighting, fight to make a difference. Your little boxing match will never make a difference; it won't end world hunger, it won't provide homes for the homeless, it won't save people's souls, it won't provide purified water, it won't provide an education, it won't give us/keep freedom, it won't help the deaf,... it won't do anything.    

Why.. How could I / How could you support something so flawed?

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