Saturday, November 21, 2015

First Mandatory Meeting

This is my 3rd week on the job and I've already had my first mandatory meeting. I've never actually had a mandatory meeting for a job before so that was a new experience.
Our station(s) used to be through another company who decided they no longer wanted to be in the business so they reached out to the people who now own it to see if they'd like to buy the company, obviously they said yes. Everyone who worked for the previous owners really liked the way things were ran and some of the changes have left some of them upset. Change is never easy, but as they explained in the meeting the previous owners wanted to sell and sought a buyer. It was not our current owners bullying them into selling.
It seems there has been some us and them-ing and complaining, etc. They were trying to explain that we are all a team, it doesn't matter which owner we were originally hired under. We now all work for the same company; the company that signs our checks. From everything I've seen it's a great company. But as I said change isn't easy. The station(s) have been under the new owners for almost a year now so they're now cracking down on the things that need fixed or improved. Cut hours, mandatory uniforms, work harder, better customer service, etc. All normal things that happen in companies. The better we work, the cleaner it is, the friendlier we are, the more customers come in, the more we sell, the more hours we'll get; common sense.  

Semi-funny story: If you were to look up my station on Google Earth it is a picture of a female employee sitting in the ledge of our drive-thru window with her back facing the camera. I say it's semi-funny because who would have thought that's the moment google would have chosen to take the picture? But it's also not funny because that looks bad for the company, it makes us all look bad. That employee along with several others no longer work for the company.

I'm a bit amazed at some of the things that have to be explained to people...

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