Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My New Job

Had you told me a couple months ago that I was going to work at a gas station I would have thought you were crazy. Had you told me not only would I be working in a gas station, but I'd be their cook I would have started setting up your sessions for counseling. And had you continued on to say I'd even like the job I probably would have tried to slap the insanity out of you.
However I am working at a gas station, I am the cook, and I do like my job. *Mind blown* LOL
The days go by fast, the employees are all pretty cool, I get to pretty much set the menu, and I get to make pizzas which I've found can be fun. (In case you didn't know, I'm not really a pizza fan. Our pizza is good though!) I get to stay in my kitchen pretty much alone, which honestly works very well for me. (I don't hate people I'm just a bit awkward around them. lol) Along with cooking I clean up the kitchen and help out with cleaning the store and bathrooms.. obviously the bathroom is no one's favorite room to clean, but luckily our bathroom isn't one of THOSE gas station bathrooms. *Insert horror movie music*
I started out only getting 2 days a week, 4 hours each day. Well that lasted a total of 2 days and I was bumped BLESSED with 2 more days also at 4 hours a day. Also I was informed that I'll probably be going to another shift soon *dun, dun, dun* and I'd be a cashier *Insert horror movie scream* So I'll only have the comfort and not lonely loneliness of my kitchen for a little while. I would prefer to stay on my current shift and in my current position, but 1. I'm needed in this other position/shift and 2. It's currently what's best for my family. *Insert me sobbing with the violin playing in the background* (Okay so I'm not really sobbing, but I seriously like what I'm doing) When Seth goes to school I'll probably try to switch back to this job, but that won't be happening for a little while.
Also a plus I've been able to see my sister a lot more because she works there too. Amazingly the company is fine with hiring family members into the same store.   
I'm sure you'll hear more about my job soon be it because I got moved into the new position or because some customer says/does something crazy. Oh actually I have a short story for that already, but I'll put it in another post...

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