Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's Going On W/ Me (Worries)

I've been searching to see what I could have due to my symptoms and searching just the web in general for 2 days now. Still knowing only a little more than before on what could be wrong with me (if there is in fact anything wrong) I keep reading about different things that people say it could be and each one is slightly scary. I could be pregnant and just not have high enough hormone levels for an at home birth control test, which being pregnant would be scary, but I'd take that over some of the other thing. It's also possible that I'm pregnant, but that it's an Ectopic pregnancy, which would mean I would lose the baby no matter what so I am praying that that isn't the case. And the last one I'll name is thyroid problems, which run in my family so that wouldn't be shocking and I would gladly take that over the Ectopic pregnancy. So if you're reading this and you pray please keep me in your prayers.


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