Friday, February 4, 2011


SOoooooooo.... I have these "new" neighbors and instead of just living in the house they decided to have the guys hair cutting business there as well. So he sometimes has 2 or 3 vehicles (not including his own) parked in front of his house. So where does his car go? That's correct! It goes right in front of MY house! That's just RUDE!
They have this small back yard next to our junk garage (as in it's junk, not that junk is in there) and if they paved it or put gravel down they could have a 'quaint' little parking spot for at least 2 cars. Which would solve the problem of if I have company or if I happen to have to park in front of the house, like today, because of all the stupid icy snow. I don't think that is asking to much for them to consider another way for them to have their business but not be rudely parking in front of my home.

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