Monday, February 28, 2011

10 More Days!!!!

My birthday is March 10th! I'm going to be 21! Now if there are no other seats available I will be able to sit in the bar area, even though I won't drink. Lol. So many people have tried sitting my husband and me in the bar area and every time we've had to say I'm not old enough, so FINALLY in 10 day I'll be able to just go with it.

I know it is better to give than receive, but I love gifts and I CAN'T wait to see what I got from my hubby and from my mom! As I said I LOVE GIFTS! I'm not very good at buying gifts though :/

It's hard to believe I'll be 21, which means it won't be to much longer and I'll be 30! WOW! Time sure does go by quickly, and it keeps getting faster every year. But I'm trying to cherish it all.

21 in 10 days, May 15th will be 1 year in our house, and October 3 will be 2 years being married! In about 3 years we'll be discussing if we want a baby yet or if we want to wait, I'm sure those 3 years will fly by!

I think I'm going to have to do a yearly photo challenge type thing just to remember things that happened each year!

So far for 2011 I've had my blood drawn for the first time (at an age that I could remember it aka I was a baby last time) and I'll be at the 21 mark! Amazing!

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