Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shopping for the upcoming nephew...

I am so upset. My step-brother and his wife are having their first boy here soon and I was of course looking for the perfect gift something to make him like daddy. Well, I found a pair of boots like the ones above for infants at Walmart for $13! It was so perfect because that's the kind of shoes my brother wears! So I decided when it got closer to time I would buy them.

Well, I went to Walmart today and went to the shoe section to buy them and guess what they are now out of season! Those type of shoes NEVER go out of season! They're work boots! Stupid, stupid Walmart and even more so stupid me because I know how Walmart is, I knew I should have bought them when I saw them, but NO.

So now I'm desperately looking everywhere online to try to find a pair around $20. I've searched Walmart, Target, Amazon, shopstyle (they had them, but for to much $), .... So far JcPenny is the only place I've seen that might possibly have them (or something close) for a decent price.

If you know of where I can find some for a decent price PLEASE let me know! Thanks!

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