Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here Comes Spring!

I've got our house's windows, doors, and blinds open!! I love this weather! It's around 55 degrees outside and it feels amazing!! Oh, so I may have accidentally lied when I said that the windows are open (besides the ones on the door those are open), but as for the rest of the windows (or most of them) they have been painted closed by the previous owners. Why would you ever paint a window closed? I mean really what if a fire started and you couldn't get to the door and had nothing to break the window? Yeah, lets just sit there and die! NOT! I like for my windows to open and close! Anyways SUPER excited for the good weather and I can't wait until it stays like this!! (well, a little warmer than this)

Happy Spring Everyone! (Ok so I'm a little early lol)

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