Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nursery and Can't Waits!

The crib is put together, the mattress is bought and in the crib, the sheet is on the mattress, and there are 2 cute little stuffed animals in the crib :) (Yes, I know to take them out when Seth is in the crib)  It looks so cute! I'm so excited! Things are finally coming together! The rocker/recliner is even in there... just needs a cover now. 

There was a little mess up with the paint so there are 2 walls that aren't completely complete... stupid Walmart just has to give us problems *rolls eyes* We gave them the lid that had the exact mixture of paint on the lid and when it was on the wall and dried it dried up a darker, slightly more brown gray. So now we either try again to get the right mixture or we go over the whole room with this new color. I think we're going to try again. We can always use this new color somewhere else in the house.. or/and in the huge closet that's in the nursery. Sounds good to me. Now just to let my mom know what the new plan is. Lol. 

I've sat in the rocker just rocking and enjoying the nursery. I can't wait to enjoy it with my Little One! To watch him while he sleeps in his crib (bought by my MIL, SIL, and dear husband's Aunt Debbi), to change him on the changer (provided by my brother, Dave and his wife, Lynette), to rock him in the rocker (that was dear husband's Grandma's), etc. 
All kinds of things have been given/bought for Seth from wonderful family members and I'm glad to be able to surround him with things from family, the living ones and the ones that have passed on. We may not get together with family very often, but that doesn't mean that we don't care, it just means we're all busy with our own lives and families. I'll be sure to teach Seth the importance of family and being there for his family when they're in need. 

I can't wait to meet Seth and take pictures of him! I have some cute ideas for newborn pics that I'll be taking from home! And even be doing family photo's from home! I'm so excited! I'm so curious what he'll look like! Color of his hair (or if he'll have any when he comes out), color of his eyes, shape of face, who's nose he'll have, etc. I'm sure he'll be a cutie! 

I can't wait to bring him home... 


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