Wednesday, September 19, 2012

40 Weeks

That's right 40 weeks! This baby that I, and a few others, thought I would have already had is STILL not coming out. My due date was yesterday, the 18th, which came and went without a single sign of impending labor. So today I am officially overdue, BOO! :(

My pregnancy has been a very good pregnancy compared to many of the horror stories I've heard. And I am VERY thankful for that. I, of course, am becoming irritated at the fact that I am still pregnant and at all the pregnancy questions.. "When are you due?" (Now answering you mean how many days past due am I), "How much longer?" (Only God knows), "You're still pregnant?" (Do you see a baby in my arms? No, well yes, then I am obviously still pregnant), "How do you feel" (How do you think I feel I'm huge, overdue, and have no signs of labor. Lol No actually though those things are true I'm doing quite well.), etc. I know these are normal questions and they're a way of showing the mom-to-be that you care, but lets be honest it gets annoying. And I know after I have him they'll stop, but unfortunately I'll have a new set of questions to answer. Example: "How old is he?" Will the questions ever end?! LOL

So I used to give updates on my symptoms so I guess I'll do that now.
Occasional heartburn
Swelling, which has gone down since the weather has changed to slightly cooler temperatures
Hip aches
Carpel Tunnel, which I already had a slight case of before pregnancy
Neck pain

At my last Dr. appt., which was almost 1 week ago, I went ahead and had the Nurse Practitioner check my cervix and it hadn't changed since the Dr. had checked it the week before so I was still 1 cm. dilated BOO! (again) My next Dr. appt. is tomorrow and I'm hoping that I'll have Seth before then, but if not the Dr. and I will be setting up a date for me to be induced. At least if I don't have him before then I'll then know the absolute latest that he'll be in there.  

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