Thursday, November 8, 2012

6 Week Postpartum Appointment

Today I go see my Dr. (title explains why) I love my Dr. she's a wonderful lady, but I'm not looking forward to this appointment.
First off my stomach hurts and I've been well, I'll just say sick since last night.
Two I'll have to be in a car for 30 minutes with my stomach being upset, I get car sick enough without already feeling ill.  
Three the Dr. will probably do the normal 1 year exam, which I cannot stand. It hurts :/
And there are some other reasons, but still.

My mom is going with me so she can take care of Seth. You know, just in case he starts throwing a fit or something. At least I won't have to drive there while feeling this way since mom is taking me.

Hopefully this appointment won't be to uncomfortable. You think after having a baby none of this would hurt or even phase you, but it still does. Bummer. Lol.

Well, not to much longer and my ride will be here. I'll give an update later on how things go, what the Dr. says about how I'm healing, what she does while I'm there, etc.

Hope you all have a great day!

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