Saturday, November 3, 2012

C.L.'s Baby Shower

Obviously for privacy reasons I won't post people's names, but there was another Baby Shower to go to today! So many Baby Showers so little time!

It was held at our Pastor & his family's home.

It was decorated in Sock Monkeys (So cute!)

They had lots of good "finger food" (Sandwiches: Ham, Chicken Salad, and ... was it turkey? Idk I had the Chicken Salad Sandwich/Triangle Spinach Things (They were yummy)/Circle little things that had sauce, meat, spices, and such (Also yummy)/Pop, Some sort of lemon/lime water, and tea. I had the tea! It was so sweet and wonderful!/Cupcakes. Never did get myself one of those./Pies. Never got any of that either. I have had weirdness going on with my appetite since having Seth) Anyways, plenty of good food and drinks.

It was a nice comfortable environment since it was held in a home.. wish we would have been able to hold mine in either my house or my mom's I think I would have been so much more comfortable.

They had some good games. One had some questions and you had to either fill in the blank or pick from multiples. It had questions like CL's favorite part of being pregnant, name of the baby, due date, etc. The they did a game where you had so many minutes to think of as many songs (baby, christian, worldly, whatever) that had Baby in the title. I could only think of 3, though I know that there are a ton of them.

CL opened her gifts and had lots of nice gifts. Crib, clothes, diapers, wipes, lotion, baby wash, baskets, blankets, etc.

While she was opening the gifts one of the ladies who actually hosted, I guess would be the word, the party took down some of the words that she used commenting on the gifts. After CL was done opening the gifts this Sis. stood up and said, "It's been said that the words you use to comment on your gifts are the things that were said during conception." (Not her exact wording, but close enough) So she read some of the comments which were, "Seriously", "That's cute" "Thank you" "It's a giraffe", It's so pretty", etc. Which of course had us all cracking up and turning red! I did not expect that at all, but it sure was funny!

After the gifts were opened and we all had a good laugh we all sat around and talked. Unfortunately I, my mom, and my s-sister were some of the firsts to leave. I'm sure there were plenty more laughs to be had and I hated missing out on them, but I really enjoyed the time that I had while I was there and that's what matters.

So to those who hosted, you did a fabulous job with everything and thank you for inviting me!

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