Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Really, We Couldn't Afford It!

I cannot for the life of me understand why my husband doesn't get that I can't have a full-time job now that we have Seth. I know he's upset that before the pregnancy and for around 2 years I haven't had a full-time job. I know he doesn't like going to work and working 40 or more hours a week, I mean really who does? But he gets upset at me because I have all this free time. And I think it upsets him even more now that we have Seth because I get to spend all this time with Seth and he doesn't. But you think he'd be happy that one of us can be with Seth basically all day long.

Also he must not understand how much a good babysitter costs because he thinks that my job would pay enough to help out with bills and cover a babysitter. That's just not the case. My job would barely cover a babysitter, it may not even cover a babysitter depending on what babysitters are asking for now. My mom estimates a babysitter to be around $75-$100 or more a week. I'm pretty sure all the babysitters I've heard of cost more than that. So yeah, going by what I made at Walmart when I worked full-time it wouldn't be worth it. I'd make the same amount of money that I'm making with the two jobs I have now. So might as well just keep doing what I'm doing.

Doing what I'm doing will help Seth out in the long run. I'll be able to teach him things! There's no reason that I won't be able to teach him things early that he would be learning in preschool and kindergarten so that when it's time to go to school he'll already know these things and will be able to make some really good grades. I want him to like school and learning and be good in school, I wasn't and I don't want him to be like me. I want him to be successful in everything he does (as long as it is legal and godly)

Anyways, I just had to get this off my chest. Hopefully one day my dear hubby will understand. I love him so much, but sometimes he thinks he's right and to him he's right and there's no changing his mind, which isn't really a good quality. But he has many fine qualities and we all have some flaw. Oh well.

Off I go. Have a good day!

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