Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wanna Catch-Up?

I know it's been a while since I've really been on here to blog. So let me catch you up. Yes, I still LOVE being a mommy to my perfect little boy. And yes, I still occasionally during the week find time to blog.
He's "talking" more and more.
 I'm becoming more and more attached to him. I absolutely cannot stand when he's away from me. Today I went to a Baby Shower and he went with his daddy to go see my in-laws. Of course all the ladies at the Shower were shocked to not see him with me and even a little disappointed since it's not like we get out and all spend a lot of time together so this would have been one of the only times that they could have really seen or held him.
He's still sleeping well at night. Thank God! 2 bottle feedings during sleep time is nothing compared to some of the horror stories I've heard. Sometimes he only needs one feeding during the night and then of course one immediately when he wakes up.
He loves swinging in his swing, talking to people, being held, eating, sucking on his pacifier, smiling, eating, looking around and just taking everything in, did I mention eating?, etc.

I know he's going to be such a smart, talented person! Period. No room for questioning it.

He's slowly eating more and more and slowly sleeping less and less during the day.
He's such a well behaved baby. He's been to a Viewing (for a funeral), and a Wedding, Church, and goes to work with me on Fridays and he does so well! He's either sleeping or just lays there looking around. As long as he isn't hungry or fighting sleep he's very calm.

He doesn't like "bright" lights, burping, diaper changes, getting dressed or undressed, when people don't pay attention to him, etc.

He is iffy on: Baths and getting lotioned.

I can't seem to upload photos on here anymore without putting them on my computer first.. not the easy way of doing it. I'll see what I can do. So there may or may not be a picture on here. If there isn't I'm sorry blame my phone or blogger (whichever one is acting up)

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