Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America... Fail

The elections did not go as I'd hoped!

Let me start off by saying, yes, I know that God is still God and that He knows the beginning from the ending and that He allows people to be placed in positions for a reason and that in the back of the Book we win. Got it!

But Obama being president again scares me. I'm human. And even though I know that God is in control since I'm human I get scared. I'm scared for myself, for my friends, family, for this country, but most of all I'm scared for my son's future and what kind of world he will live in. God knows how He created us, He knows we get scared, it doesn't mean we don't trust Him. He says not to worry, so I'm trying to not worry about it. But once again, I'm human.

Mitt (Romney),
   It would have been nice getting America back to the real America with you, but unfortunately people just don't care about the same things anymore. Our schools, families, friends, and even some churches have failed us. Our schools took away God, prayer, and making sure that we are all well educated. Our families no longer go to church, pray, support their children, raise them in the way that they should go, etc. Our friends are no longer people we can look up to, but are bad influences. Some of our churches rather than teaching and preaching the truth and the Bible they tell us what we want to hear so they can have a big congregation and lots of tithes and offerings due to their greed. They no longer want to step on our feet and ensure that our souls are saved because they don't want to offend anyone so instead they tell them what they want to hear. Personally I want to hear the truth! Hurt my feelings if you must, but make sure I know what I need to know for my soul to be saved! This is truly a sad world that we live in!

    I'm so disappointed in you...

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