Friday, November 22, 2013

1 Week & 4 Days on antidepressants

I feel better! 
      Physically I'm not nauseous anymore! *clapping* YAY!! I still have some issues with dizziness, blah! But I'll take that any day over the nausea. Now the dry mouth is very annoying, but I'd rather be mentally well with a dry mouth than mentally ill and my mouth be normal.  

      Mentally I feel better too :) I feel happier. I'm looking at myself in a better way and getting up and doing more. I've even exercised some lol. 

     I know that I will still have bad days, who doesn't? But at least I'll have more better days than before. "If there's no ups and downs in your life you're dead." I'm not sure who said that or if I even quoted it right, but it's true either way. You have good days and bad days and the only time it's going to stop is when you're dead. Today is almost over and I don't know if tomorrow will be a high or a low, I'm just praying that God and my antidepressant gets me through it. I hope to one day not just get through the days but march through them triumphantly knowing that at the end of each day I did my best and that I did what I love and believe in. 
      I hope you all have a goodnight. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! :) 

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