Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 4 On Antidepressants

       Sorry I didn't post yesterday! I felt awful yesterday. We went out to see the new store (Ruler Foods) and I was fine on the way there and was fine for maybe 5 minutes once we got in the store, but then my nausea kicked in and it stayed the rest of the day. I do better if I just sit or lay and watch tv. The tv takes my mind off the nausea. I guess that has to do with being focused on one thing. I haven't found anything else that works as well. Obviously car rides, work, getting up and walking, etc. all makes me worse so I avoid them as much as possible. 
       It seems to get worse instead of better but maybe that's because I'm always feeling so sick. My days and nights also seem to be lasting forever. I can't seem to get a really good nights sleep between Seth, waking up on my own, and the kitten attacking me there's not many hours during the night that I don't see. 
      I've added powdered donuts to the list of things that I can eat. They were giving them away free to the first 200 customers at Rulers. I've been wanting pickles, tomatoes, and Chinese. None of which do I have or will Miles get for me. 
      My body knows when it's time to take my medicines and I start feeling super ill around an hour or so before it's time to take them. Luckily after tomorrow I'll be off of one of my medicines and I'll hopefully be better at least throughout the day. We'll find out. 
       There's a week and a day left until my nausea from the antidepressant should be over. I really hope that's as long as it goes on. 
      Today is starting off better it seems.We'll see how the rest of today goes, hopefully well!  

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