Friday, November 29, 2013

Almost 3 weeks on antidepressants!

      Hi there, readers! I know I said before that I was going to try to write every day about my journey with antidepressants and I had fully planned on it, but then I realized that you really don’t see much change every single day. The change is seen more weekly than daily so I won’t blog about it every day, but I will hopefully find the time to blog about it every week.

       I can definitely say that having these antidepressants have helped me so much. I have less anger, I’m more willing to get up and do things, I clean more, I’m happier more, and a GREAT thing is my skin is clearing up! Who knew?! Hey clearer skin is always a plus!

     I used to get way more upset and angry about things that really, in the long run, aren’t that important. Examples: Seth spilled something or he’s not listening to me about not doing something, etc. Now I’m not as angry I just deal with it and go on. Now don’t get me wrong if he’s being disobedient all day and a terror then yes, I get very upset, but I’m still able to control it more than I used to.

     Each day, except maybe the weekends; I get up do some laundry, dishes, pick up the stuff on the floor, etc. Whereas before I just wanted to sit in my recliner and watch movies and that was all I really did. Shame on me yes, I know. Thankfully I have a husband that likes to have a clean house enough that even after working hard came home and cleaned too. Depression hasn’t really made me the best wife, but I’m working on that now.

     I know a lot of people are probably wondering why I’m posting about my depression and being on antidepressants; to a lot of people dealing with depression is like a sin that you hide from the world. Well I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong about it. Some people will never deal with depression; if that’s you you’re lucky. But there are many people who do deal with depression. Maybe they’ve had a traumatic event in their life that caused it or maybe they’ve had the perfect life and still got depressed. Depression can be passed down through the family. How? Who knows! But it happens. To many people are being quiet about their depression, people who have a worse case than mine because people have made them feel like there was something wrong about it and guess what a lot of them kill themselves. What a waste of a life. If the whole world would stop acting like it’s some disease and start helping these people fight it and get help there’d be a lot less deaths. I was lucky to be a mild case of depression. I can’t imagine dealing every day with the thought of wanting to kill myself. Your body/brain is supposed to have this survival instinct, but this would be like your body turning on itself. I can imagine that most of them kill themselves just so they can stop thinking about killing themselves every day, it’d be maddening. They didn’t ask for this. No one with any level of depression asked for this. Everyone wants to be happy and successful.   


Stop the madness! 

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