Sunday, November 10, 2013

All I Want Fir Christmas Is...

Ok so there isn't really enough room to put ALL the things I'd really like for Christmas but I figured I could post a few things that I'd  seen for the house. 

This lamp is at Walmart and I'd like a couple of them for my upstairs. Aren't they cute?!

This chair is or was at TJ Maxx and I'd line 2 of these.. Well really I'd like 4 of them but I'd settle for 2 especially since they're so expensive. 

This vase also at TJ Maxx would be perfect because the blue/teal is what I want in my decor and the brown is what I'll be painting my living room. They look so great together! 

Obviously I love these two for the color but the plate has a gorgeous design. TJ Maxx. 

Well that's my few things that I'd like for Christmas that I'm going to share. I'll also take gift cards, cash, or a credit card to use that had no expense to myself LOL 

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