Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Broken Relationship...

   What do you think of when you hear about a broken relationship? I'd guess like me you think of a relationship in your life that is broken; be it a boyfriend, spouse, parent, or a friend. It's sad. The very thought of a broken relationship can bring tears to your eyes if you truly care about this person. 

  Broken relationships are unfortunately a part of life. We all must have a relationship that gets broken for whatever reason. It hurts, some more than others. It's hard when the people that are supposed to love you the most don't love you as much as they should or just don't love you at all. 

 Why am I blogging about a broken relationship? Good question! The answer: Because I have a broken relationship in my life. A relationship that should be strong. No, I'm not talking about the relationship with my husband; he and I are fine. But there's another important relationship in my life (ok more than one, but one that bothers me more than the rest), a relationship that is broken in far to many homes in the world.

  I'm semi-sorry to say that I will not be telling you what relationship I am talking about. I will tell you it has to do with family (most of my broken relationships have to do with family)  and that it's not my mom; we also are doing fine. Lol. 

  I don't blame this family member (or the others) in full for the way things are. I know I've played my part. Although since all these family members were born before me it was their responsibility to build a strong bond between us from the very beginning, which they all failed to do; that didn't help us at all. 
  I don't think any of these certain people will read my blog, but that's not why I'm blogging about this. I'm blogging about this for me. 

  I need it to be know that these broken relationships hurt. They hurt me in more ways than I care to admit. They hurt all other relationships, how I feel about people, how I bond with others, etc. 

  I also need it to be known that I don't contact these people because every time I feel like things are getting better I end up getting hurt. 

  I will not put effort into a relationship that is going to continually hurt me. I will not live like that. I will not be tossed aside, disrespected, and forgotten until it is convenient for you. 

  I know that these people love me, but they love me in their own selfish way. Maybe that's the only way they know how to love.. after all I learned it from them. I can be very selfish I may love someone, but cannot or do not know how to show it because that was how I saw love from these people. Now I constantly have to remind myself not to be like them. 

  I don't know what else to say about it; I am hurt. 

I love poems. I couldn't find one that quite fit what I was trying to say. But I came across this poem and thought maybe it would help someone.

Cure For a Broken Heart 
by Wilma Watson

Does it feel like your heart is ripped in two
And your days seem O so blue?
Have you given all your heart
Only to see it torn apart?
Do you feel he or she does not care
As if you were never there?
Do you feel you can’t trust again
And left in continual pain?
Do you feel you must face tomorrow
All alone, with so much sorrow?
There is hope my friend for you today
Stop and listen, don’t walk away
There’s someone who loves you very much
It’s not a lie, you’ll see as such
About things you can’t change in any way
You can talk to God night or day
You can trust him for he really cares
He said, I’ll never leave you there
I came to heal your broken heart
And help you find a brand new start

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