Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Finally A Theme

So as you've probably read, Seth's nursery has not had a theme. Well, I believe we've finally decided on a theme. I won't show pictures of the nursery until I have it "more finished".( I won't say finished because I don't believe a room is ever finished, you may have it a certain way, unchanging for a little while, but eventually you will change it. Anyways...)  Are you ready to hear what the theme is?!

Monkeys! Well, it's going to have more than just monkeys, but monkeys will be the main animal. It seems to be fitting for Seth. He has a ton of clothing with monkeys on them and monkeys are kind of the in thing it seem. Now I'm not big on doing the in thing. I like to be unique! But it should be easy to find things for his room. And to make it unique to us there's another "main" animal.

See! A monkey! Lol. 

Ready to hear this one?!

The other main animal will be elephants. Why elephants? Good question. The first stuffed animal that I let Seth sleep with and "carry around" was/is an elephant. He loves his elephant. So it's only fitting that it should be in his room.

Seth's Stuffed Elephant :)

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