Saturday, July 21, 2012

31 Weeks

As of today I'm 31 weeks pregnant! If I was to tell you that I'm not slightly scared in the least little bit I would be lying. So many women are going into early labor and having their babies at 34 weeks (or sooner). Now I don't think that will happen to me, but that's still a little disturbing. If I do well, I'll just be trusting God for a healthy baby. After all that's all I would be able to do. But anyways I'm basically more scared of labor. Scared I won't know I'm in labor or scared that it will be way to painful right from the beginning.

My mom did tell me that it's nothing like the movies where they suddenly grab their stomach and are in intense pain. So that helped some. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (OOOOOOOO...continue with this forever) glad that I have such a great mom who I can go to with my worries about pregnancy and everything else! I couldn't imagine being pregnant or having a baby and not having her around to lean on for help. I'm not saying that I don't have any other people in my life I can go to, but I mean really if you can go to your own mom why go to someone else? Lol.

-Seth has been kicking less, now it's just mainly movement, stretching, etc.
-Heartburn came back last week, it was brutal! But luckily I've not had to deal with that for the past couple of days. Thank you, God!
-I haven't been swelling a lot
- I have been getting little cramps. I was unsure what they were and so I asked my mom who told me that it's just the things in my body stretching out preparing for birth. How exciting *I'm almost there, I'm almost there...* LOL
-My legs have been attempting to cramp up on me, but luckily haven't. Thank God again! They typically try to cramp up at night when I've randomly woken up.
-Headaches. Yep, I've got them, but that's nothing abnormal for me.

The nursery is almost completely painted. All mom has to do is roll a couple spots. I call them spots because she's trimmed already and the walls left really aren't that big so it's, in my eyes, just a spot. Lol.

I can't wait to get things set up where they're going to be! I'll love just having the nursery done and ready for when I need it.
I still need quite a few things for the nursery and hopefully people will pay attention to the registry instead of just going out and buying clothes. Because I already have some clothes. Yes, I could use some more, which have been added to the registry also. I'm also very picky about colors and styles of clothes so I'm hoping people will notice that and not buy the icky little things that I can't stand.
But anyways most of the stuff I need right now is the stuff for the nursery... and a couple of bigger things which I would only ever ask a family member to buy. So if you see a bigger item on the registry and think how rude.. it's only there for my relatives! Lol.

63 days left until my due date. And I'm hoping to have Seth early.. like 2 weeks early! Lol. But we'll see.

Baby Center says:

How your baby's growing:

This week, your baby measures over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3.3 pounds (try carrying four navel oranges) and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. He's probably moving a lot, too, so you may have trouble sleeping because your baby's kicks and somersaults keep you up. Take comfort: All this moving is a sign that your baby is active and healthy.

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