Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Coming Up Quick...

I realized early this morning when I couldn't sleep that there are 11 more weeks or 79 days (give or take) until I meet Seth. It definitely made me nervous to think that it's so close and it feels like there's still SO much that needs to be done.
Some of the stuff that needs to be done doesn't need to be done until after he gets here in all reality, but it would be so nice for it to just be done already, like the nursery. Yep, still not done, but Seth will be in the bassinet in our room for at least a few months so the nursery doesn't need to be done yet.
Of course we still have to do the Baby Shower. It'll be nice to have a bunch more baby stuff in the nursery.. even if the nursery isn't finished. Lol. Most of the big stuff is already taken care of, but to have more clothes, toys, etc.
I feel like there's a bunch more stuff that needs to be bought. For me, for the nursery, just general baby needs, etc. I'm sure all FTM's (First Time Moms) feel this way. I'm sure I'll be freaking out when I have him thinking that I've forgotten something, which given my record I may forget something LOL Good thing Walmart is open 24/7! And that my hubby will be off work for 2 weeks to help me while I heal and hopefully catch up on some sleep and of course get somewhat used to our new family :)
After that 2 weeks we MAY invite people over, but I'm pretty sure I won't want anyone over during that 2 weeks.
Baby and I probably won't leave the house for at least a week, as Dr.'s suggest. That way I can be somewhat rested up and somewhat used to a new schedule.

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