Friday, July 20, 2012

A Lesson In A Situation

I recently posted something on Facebook and it was about a certain thing that I believe in and stand for. Well, instead of just posting it I commented on this shared post. My opinion came off very harsh and I received some words for it.
This made me remember that every situation in life can be a learning experience if you'll only take the time to find the lesson in each situation.
My lesson: I realized that I would have reworded it. And I even thought about rewording it, but then I remembered that I can't take back what I've said and no matter if I change it or not people have already seen it. I ended up leaving it how it was first posted and hopefully it will be a reminder to me in the future to carefully and considerately stand for my beliefs. Yes, I may be passionate about something, but I should still attempt to word it with as much kindness as I can. I don't want to offend anyone, but I do want them to know what I stand for.  

I hope that my mistake and my realization can cause someone else to learn from their mistakes and to hopefully really think before they post or say something, carefully considering if they're saying it the best way possible, but while still getting there thought (opinion) heard.

Now I'm exhausted and it's late so I'm going to sleep! Hope you all have a fabulous night, filled with lots of good rest! God Bless!

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