Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So I forgot to blog about getting a stroller..How dare I! We now have a Stroller. It is a new Eddie Bauer Stroller/carseat! I love it! It rolls so smoothly! And the price (compared to other Stroller/carseats from other stores) was good.
We found this beauty while picking out our actual carseat, which is a gift to us and the baby, at Once Upon A Child.
I love that store! Gently used/new things that are in style (not meaning I like everything they carry, but I don't have to worry about finding stuff from when I was a baby LOL) And for the most part everything is priced very cheap. We've bought tons of baby clothes from there so we already have a great start on clothes for Seth. I even bought a couple of maternity shirts from there.
Anyways our Stroller! I love it!

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