Friday, July 6, 2012


I know that some events are necessary. BUT there are WAY to many events! Holidays, birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, going away, welcome back, etc. There's just to much!
I have no problem spending my birthday at home or going out to eat with my husband (of course I like to see my mom and Mike on my birthday, but honestly that's all I need)
The only reason I'm having a Baby Shower is for my baby.
The only reason I had a Bridal Shower is because well, to be perfectly honest we needed things.
Holidays all feel like just an ordinary day to me so I would prefer to just stay at home or maybe go out to eat then go back home.

You getting the picture? I like to stay home. I'm a homebody. It's really nothing personal. I have very few people that I absolutely NEED to see, not that I don't like anyone outside of that list I just don't feel the need to see them all the time (or hardly at all) Except maybe friends.. friends I like to go hang out with.

My way of looking at it is I got married so I could have my own little family, which currently consists of Hubby and myself.  And soon (11 weeks give or take) a newborn baby!
This may sound wrong, but some of us get married well, one because we are in love and two to escape certain things, such as events, but all getting married has done (in the case of events) is doubled the events that I so desperately wanted to get away from. I see no need to see family every holiday, birthday, etc. That doesn't mean I don't love my family, I just don't see the point in it.
Plus when your family is as big as mine it's a little much to take. I go to 2 dinners just for my side of the family so I can see all of my family and then have to go to my husband's side of the family. I'm glad my dad and Mari weren't real big on throwing things and having everyone over before they moved because 3 Christmas' and 3 Thanksgivings is already more than I can take! To many kids running around, it's big enough with just the adults. I don't like crowds or crowded places and going to holiday dinner is like going to Walmart when the parking lot is full.. some of the not so well behaved kids screaming, crying, telling on each other, bullying each other, etc. The more well behaved ones aren't bad you know the ones where you tell them to stop and they listen, you say calm down and they do, etc. Of the well behaved kids in the family you typically don't even have to tell them to stop doing anything because they're just that great. It's all in the parenting (period).

I'm hoping that this doesn't come across like I'm some witch (with a B lol), but just that I'm telling the truth about how I feel. If being pregnant has done anything it has made me very opinionated and not all that scared to say how I feel about something. Now I may not always say how I feel just to keep the peace between me and certain family members, but trust me it hasn't been easy.

Felt the need to kind of vent on the subject of events and now I have. Hope I haven't offended anyone, but if I have well this is just the way I feel and I'm not going to be sorry about how I feel. But I am sorry if you take offense to how I feel and to be perfectly honest I guess you'll just have to get over it :P

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