Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How It's Going..

I'm having a harder and harder time getting up and doing things.
My upper back pain is horrible, my stomach feels heavy, Seth seems to be getting hiccups a lot.. or at least I think it's hiccups I'm experiencing. They aren't painful they're just annoying... like quick kicks.. not necessarily rhythmic.. well, sometimes they are, but not always.
It's hard to sit up (like sitting in a chair/sectional or trying to sit up from a laying position) because Seth has decided to be "glued" to my ribs.
My eyes have occasionally been getting super dry and they burn like someone put hot sauce in them, which the Dr said to use some eye drops.. kinda knew that one myself so that wasn't much help. Lol.
There are of course some other changes, but that would be T.M.I. and WAY to inappropriate for me to post about. Lol. All the women who have been pregnant I'm sure know what kinds of things I'm talking about.
It's been so hot and I don't take heat well anyways, add baby weight and I'm just miserable and covered in sweat!
All of these things have made doing my jobs harder. I cannot wait to get a break from my jobs for a while and go back to them when I feel more myself.

Then on top of pregnancy issues my hubby's car has been giving us some issues. Works fine sometimes and other times we have to play mechanics to get it to start. The A.C. doesn't work nor can you get cold air from the fan so driving his car to and from work is miserable. I'm surprised I don't look like I've peed myself once I get to work from all the sweat.

Speaking of peeing I've basically had the constant feeling of needing to pee for about a week. Lol. Probably T.M.I. sorry.

I've become fascinated with Pretty Little Liars. I really want to know who A is, who killed Alison, etc. This is bugging me! I have to watch the episodes as fast as I can, which is stupid since I know I probably won't be finding out anytime soon. After all once we know who A is all that's left is to take A down and then there'd be no more Pretty Little Liars.

Ok, well I need to get ready to go to work. Hope you're all having a great day.


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