Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Don't Sweat It

I'm going to talk about a not so fun subject, sweat. Gross, right? Unfortunately we all do it.  If you've ever seen me during church you know I'm constantly fanning. Sitting there sweating like a sinner in church LOL

We all know that sweat is a bodily function that helps to regulate our body temperatures, but did you know that there are other things that cause you to sweat?


-Emotional Stress
-The food you eat, gustatory sweating, is caused by eating/drinking spicy, caffeinated, or alcoholic food/beverages.
-Illness/Medication use. Cancer, fever/fever reducing drugs, infection, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels), pain killers, synthetic thyroid hormones, complex regional pain syndrome (a rare chronic pain in the arms or legs)
-Salt. Our body will sweat to try to release the salt from our body, which is one of the reasons that cats and dogs like to lick us.


Sweating is controlled by the body's autonomic nervous system.

Our body's "normal" amount of sweat can be as much as a quart of fluid per day. One quart = 4 cups.

Sweat is mostly water, but about 1% of it is a combination of salt and fat.

We have an average of 3 million sweat glands. Did you know that there are different types of sweat glands? Eccrine sweat glands are all over the body and they release a lightweight, odorless sweat. Apocrine sweat glands are located at hair follicles such as the scalp, armpits, and groin and these release heavier, fat-laden sweat that carries a distinct odor. What causes the body odor is Apocrine sweat breaks down and mixes with the bacteria on our skin. Can we say, "Yuck!"

Tips to minimize sweating/make yourself more comfortable:

-Wear several light layers of clothing that allow your skin to breathe
-Remove layers as you heat up <-- all="" are="" don="" hot="" how="" layers="" lol="" matter="" not="" p="" please="" remove="" t="" you="">-Wash off dried sweat from your face and body for optimum comfort
-Change out of sweaty clothes to reduce the risk of bacterial or yeast infections
-Drink water and/or sports drinks to replace fluids and electrolytes
-Use deodorant
-Remove foods/drinks from your diet that cause sweating such as spicy, caffeinated, or alcoholic foods/drinks
-If it's caused by a medication have a talk with your doctor about an alternative.

If you feel you sweat to much you may have Hyperhidrosis and you should talk to your doctor.
There's also such a thing as not sweating enough and that's called Anhidrosis, which you should also talk to your doctor about.
It's not good to sweat to much, but it isn't good to sweat to little either. Guess it's a gross necessity.

I also guess that they're trying to tell me to lose weight, not drink pop and tea, have less salt intake, and stop being so self-conscience. Well there goes my norm. Lol.

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