Thursday, March 5, 2015

Share Amber Alerts

Someone recently asked if they were a bad person for not sharing Amber Alerts. Now I wouldn't say that someone is a bad person for not sharing them, but take a minute and think about it...

What if this missing person was your child, your sibling, your nephew/niece, a friend's kid, etc? If it was someone you loved wouldn't you want people to share it? I would.

Someone commented on this person's post and said, "I didn't share it because I live in  (a state far away) ." Once again lets think about this.

This kid could have been kidnapped, ran away, could be with some murderer, or rapist.. you don't know who has them or where they are. They could be in the same town they disappeared from or they could be states away.

No matter how far away you are you should share it. Even if you live far away you could have a friend who lives close who see's this person or you could see this person. Who knows, you could save their life.

I have to admit before I had my son, I never thought about it that way. Once you have a kid you understand the need to protect your kid and this overwhelming love that you have for them and you start thinking about how you'd feel if it was your kid.  I know I'd be desperate, crushed, totally heartbroken...

I'm not saying that you're a bad person if you haven't shared. I'm just hoping that this will cause you to think about it a little differently and start sharing them from now on.

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