Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy 25th Birthday To Me

It's my birthday!!!! Today I celebrate 25 years of life!

You know how people around their 40's+ are always talking about how fast time goes? With every year I understand a little more just how true that is.  Honestly I don't feel 25.. I'm not really sure how old I feel. When I'm asked my age my brain wants to say like 19, but most days I think I feel more like 30.

Ok, so for 25 years I'm going to list 25 things/people that I love and/or am obsessed with.. in no particular order.
*Note I kept it to 25 so not everything or everyone has been listed and if you aren't here it's not meant to hurt anyone. I love all my family!

1. Cats - They're so Purrfect. I have 3 and I love them all! If it didn't cost so much to have them I'm sure I'd have more. Well the cost and the husband doesn't want anymore lol.

2. Owls -  Woo wouldn't love something so cute? I mean sure they aren't all cute, but the ones that are, are really cute. I'd love to one day be able to pet one!

3. Guitars - Strumming at my heart strings! I've always wanted to play guitar and I'm actually teaching myself to play! I need a good guitar, but for now I'm just learning the basics so what I've got will do. Sorry Mom, I know you wanted me to play piano lol.

4. Hunger Games - Killer story. Lol. I love archery. One day I hope to learn!

5. Crocheting - I don't get to do this enough, but I do love it! There's just something so rewarding about finishing something you've started, your own design. I'm hoping to make myself a dress one day.

6. Blogging - Give me a good subject and I'll give you a good post. I've been finding lots of inspiration and I've really enjoyed searching for proof and giving my opinion on subjects. Though currently I blog just for myself it would be nice to one day have a blog that many others enjoy reading.

7. Facebook - Hello anti-social socialism. I'm a pretty shy person and here's how I know what's going on without actually having a conversation with anyone. I'm slowly coming more and more out of my shell with each year. Hopefully one day I will no longer need Facebook to feel apart.

8. Baking - Cakes & Cupcakes are my jam LOL! I'm going to bake my first homemade, first 2 layer cake today with homemade frosting.

9. Youth - I can see the "huh?" faces already lol My passion/burden is the youth (ages 12-18ish) I'm hoping to eventually start helping with the youth at church. Maybe one day I'll go for Psychology to counsel these ages.

10. My nephews and nieces - The more time goes on the more I realize just how important family is. And I have some pretty awesome nephews and nieces. I hope they all realize that even though I'm not outgoing and I don't see them a lot that I really do love them and that I'm here for them if ever they need me.

11. Party Decor - I love helping put thing together for parties! Esp with my mom. We come up with some pretty awesome things together. I love seeing a bunch of tablecloths, lights, ribbon, streamers, balloons, etc become something beautiful.

12. Lights - Yep, I said lights. I love Christmas light, white and/or colored, it doesn't matter. They're just so pretty! Lets hang them everywhere!! Who's with me?

13. Photography - I don't get out to take a lot of pictures, but I sure do love taking them. One day I hope to have my own photography decorating my walls

14. DIY - I LOVE DIY.. unfortunately that takes time, tools, money, etc. One day I will DIY all the things that I've been wanting to do! Lamps, tables, art, etc.

15. Home decor - I wish I had the money to do all the things I'm wanting to do! Only problem is that I like so many different styles that I have a hard time settling on one. One day my house shall be fabulous!

16. The number 13 - It's so often called unlucky, just like black cats. Guess what.. I love them both. Why do I love such an "unlucky" number? I don't know, maybe because so many others don't. It'd nice to like something that goes against the norm sometimes.

17. God - The more you look into the scriptures, the more you believe, the more faith you allow to grow, the more you focus on Him the better He becomes. Always faithful, always supplies our needs. He knows every tear we've cried and every hair on our head. He's a great, on time God.

18. Chinese food - Hunan chicken, pork fried rice, etc. I could eat this almost every day for the rest of my life. Hard to believe they had such a hard time getting me to try it 21 years ago. One day I will learn to fix at least one Chinese meal!

 Have you noticed a trend yet? I'm in this whole trying new things kick.   Which brings me to #19

19. Trying new things - This is new to me. I'm suddenly wanting to try all these things I've wanted to do, but was to afraid to fail at before. There are quite a few things so it's going to take a while to do them all.

20. Clothes - I've always loved clothes. Unfortunately most of mine no longer fit from all the weight I'd gained. You should see my Amazon wish list, I have like 4-5 pages full of clothes that I cannot wait to buy! Oh the possibilities! The different colors to match, the different sides of me I can show,...

21. Pinterest - I love being able to go to one place and find a thousand different ideas for a hundred different things!

22. Horses - I have ALWAYS loved horses. I used to beg for mom to buy me a horse. I wouldn't have the time to take care of one now, but I wouldn't mind going riding sometime this year. Hint, hint...

23. Bling - Yes, I love bling. I'd put diamonds on everything if I could!

24. My mom - She's not just my mom, she's my best friend.
She's such a strong person. I've secretly (not so secretly now) always wondered if I could ever be as strong as she is. She's gone through so much in her life and she's always come out stronger than she was before. She's such a great example!

25. Seth - I just couldn't imagine my life without my "little" bundle of joy. He may drive me nuts sometimes, but he's the cutest, most lovable little guy. I've had plenty of days that the only thing that kept me going was him. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful day!

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