Monday, March 2, 2015


Up until about a week ago I had no idea what a hematoma was. Do you know what it is? If not you will in a minute. A hematoma is something that dogs and cats get, typically dogs. It's where the animal scratches it's ear or shakes it's head and vessels in the ear burst and the ear becomes swollen and full of liquid aka blood from the burst vessels, typically due to an infection of the ear. if not treated quickly it can cause the animals ear to be deformed, instead of stand pointed it will be wider and lay lower.

Miss Toots has it. Go figure it's rare in cats, but mine gets it. So she had a procedure to drain the fluid and they cleaned her ear. It wasn't cheap, but it was necessary. Well the front of her ear is swollen again. She now needs to go back and have it drained again. I'm sure they'll charge us.. again.

I'm posting this to raise awareness. Check your pets ears. If there's any gunk clean it out so it won't get infected. I'd say to check it at minimum once a month. If they have a lot of gunk and it keeps coming back take them to a vet, I bet it will be cheaper now than when it gets infected and you have to pay for the procedure.

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