Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rustic Candles

This is a simple, Dollar Tree DIY! My inspiration, Pinterest.
Here's what my first one looked like when I finished. Clearly this isn't a new candle. I have a candle I bought at the same time, but hadn't lit yet, that one I'm working on now and I'll update this post with a picture of it when I'm finished.

What you'll need:


Yes, both of those can be found at Dollar Tree (if you live in a small town you may want to try a bigger town's Dollar Tree). You'll also need a Glue Gun and Glue Sticks. 

Start at the bottom of the candle. Apply a dab of glue to the candle and press the twine into it. I didn't put the very beginning of the twine in the glue, I went about an inch into it. That way an inch of the twine was neatly tucked under the layers. You'll want to make sure the bottom of the candle has plenty of glue so the twine won't slip off. Wrap the twine around the candle, gluing every 2-3 inches, until you reach the desired height, cut and glue the tip. 
Keep in  mind you can do designs, patterns, or whatever you want. I chose to do a simple, full cover over most of the candle.  

So long as you already have the Glue Gun and Glue Sticks this DIY costs less than $2/each. It takes 10-15 minutes per candle depending on how much you glue.. and/or if you have cats attacking the twine. Lol.

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Have a great day!

This is what the second candle looks like

Adds a bit more than when they were plain white candles.

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