Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good News & Bad News... Kittens.

The good news is the lady that wanted the kittens for barn cats no longer wants them.

The bad news.. well, I guess there will be 2 things for the bad news.
1. We'll still have them here (which is also good news because then the kittens that I wanted to keep will be here a little bit longer, but is bad news because they keep messing up the house) and
2. We'll still be getting rid of them, which means now they'll be going to a no kill shelter and will probably not all be together when they get adopted. I mean really how many people go to the no kill shelter and buy 6 cats (Momma and her 5 kittens)

 I just pray that they all find a nice home where they will be well taken care of, be inside cats, fed (and given water), loved, bathed, brushed, and just flat out babied. They're all so cute and sweet they deserve good homes. It'll be sad knowing that I won't get to see them grow up, it's like losing children. :'(

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